HR leaders, the CARES Act expires on January 31st:

The benefit that saves every borrower

Total projected savings:
Lower Monthly Payments
Loan Forgiveness
Total projected savings:
Employer Contribution
Total projected savings:
Lower Monthly Payments

Provide a student loan benefit with immediate impacttrue impact

Summer is a cost-effective digital solution that helps your employee population navigate and reduce student loan debt with proven technologies and a human touch. Implement anytime, even off-cycle.


Average monthly IDR savings from Standard plan


Borrowers save an average of $31,000 with Summer


Borrower satisfaction score for one-on-one support

How Summer workstrue impact

From refinancing to contribution, Summer takes a holistic approach to financial well-being that helps your employees self-manage their unique debt journey.

Summer supports all borrowerstrue impact

Summer helps organizations unlock the full potential of their employees by reducing the burden of student debt, regardless of borrower situation.
🔍 Identify
Our proven technology scans hundreds of federal, state forgiveness and private refinancing options to help employees self-manage their student loans.
💵 Enroll
Employees can enroll in their personalized plan in minutes digitally and receive support every step of the way with access to live student loan experts.
💬 Support
We support the entire implementation process and beyond, making Summer a turnkey solution for you and an impactful resource for your employees.

Hear from
our partnerstrue impact

Matt Harrigan
CEO, Grand Central Tech
“Student debt can be a real barrier for companies trying to recruit the best possible talent. Summer’s ability to reduce employees’ student debt is not only an effective recruiting tool, but it can also improve employee retention by tackling one of their biggest sources of financial strain.”
Josh Shapiro
Pennsylvania Attorney General
"With 1 in 3 Pennsylvanians out of work, every dollar counts. This partnership is a critical step to help thousands of borrowers in need. We are proud to partner with an organization that has their best interest at heart to save real money today and over the long term."
Adam Roseman
CEO, Steady
"Equipping workers with modern tools like Summer to mitigate other financial pain points while working to ease the prospect of navigating uncertain employment waters provides every hourly and gig worker with a fighting chance to improve their financial lives without the added burden of crippling student loan debt."
Alyssa Picard
Director, American Federation of Teachers
"Tens of thousands of our members are using Summer, putting them on track to an average of $180/month and $57,000 in lifetime savings via income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Summer’s team has made launching this tool easy for everyone, and they are quick to collaborate with us on new creative solutions to help our members save money."
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